Permanent and Semi-Permanent Screens

ATS are an innovative team and are always thinking of new ideas. With our own workshops, CNC machinery and CAD design software we have a unique edge on our competition. I have looked closely at the different ways businesses are coping with interaction between their front of house staff and customers.  Screens are the obvious way of being able to interact with people whilst providing a barrier between staff and customers.  However, a flimsy piece of plastic gaffer taped to the counter hardly portrays a proffesional look and feel.  We now have clients who are asking for a more permanent solution.

Using CAD design, 6mm Acrylic, CNC machinary and high quality fixings we can design, cut and fit screens for every situation.  Please contact us for details and a free consultation.



Drive Test Solutions

For monitoring and optimisation of your wireless network services our drive test solutions ensure accurate testing of all networks with minimum downtime due to system failures.

We are experienced operators of TEMS, Anite (NEMO) and SwissQual collection and post processing tools as well as other benchmarking and measurement tools from JDSU, Rhode & Schwarz and PCTEL.

Our drive test services are not limited to vehicle based measurements but also include pedestrian (outdoors and indoors), motorbikes, trains, boats and helicopters.

We are market leaders in mobile test equipment installations and have designed installations for all of the above scenarios. We are the current installation partner to Telefonica UK and InfoVista.

Measurement options

We offer the following measurement options:

  • CS and PS data measurements
  • Voice, voice quality, PESQ, POLQA (ITU-T P.862.1, WB-AMR, P862.2, ITU-T P.863), and echo measurements
  • Video call, video call quality, video streaming, YouTube video streaming, and PEVQ-S streaming video analysis measurements (ITU-T Rec. J.247)
  • Frequency scanning, pilot scanning, CW scanning, and spectrum analyser measurements
  • SMS, MMS, and USSD measurements
  • FTP testing for file transfers (multi-threaded)
  • SFTP testing for file transfers (download and upload)
  • HTTP/S testing for file transfers (download and upload)
  • HTTP/S testing for web browsing
  • SMTP/S, POP3/S, IMAP/S for email testing
  • WAP testing
  • Iperf for UDP/TCP testing
  • SIP-based VoIP call, voice quality testing
  • Social media testing
  • IP packet capturing and playback

We are currently working extensively on VoLTE and VoWiFi network measurements.

Back Office

Our post process technicians have excellent knowledge and experience with post processing software packages including: MAPINFO professional, TEMS Discovery, Nemo Xynergy, Dingli Pilot Panorama, Actix, Huawei IM Manager, Andrews INVEX 3G and Interpreter.

Their responsibilities include:

  • Post processing log files and generating reports, merging daily data sets into a text file format, analysing data, producing KPI reports with areas of concern highlighted, posting data onto clients servers or onto ATS’ own server.
  • Planning Optimisation actions in the network after analysis of Drive Test and Network KPIs.
  • Network analysis of Rx, Tx, Ec/Io, FER, Hand Off and Interface, Pilot Pollution, CSSR, Call Drop ratio, etc making sure of strict adherance to clients KPI’s.We have a dedicated high speed BT broadband connection with an upload speed of 4Mbs and can upload files on our own servers or our Clients server.

Benchmarking Solutions

Real-time customer experience testing using the latest software and our own design of equipment. Can be static testing over time at key venues or mobile testing services using bikes, motorcycles, cars and trains.

We recognised the need for being able to carry and operate multiple devices for benchmarking. The devices need to be stable, have a power source and be easy to operate. We have designed a number of different types of unit depending upon the type of testing required. Each unit can be adapted to fit any type of handset.

360° Panoramic Surveys

We have been providing Panoramic Surveys to the telecommunications industry since 2002.

Since that time our name and reports have become the recognised standard in the industry.

We have provided this service for every mobile operator in the UK and have well over 23,000 site reports on our data bases.

We have six primary MastCam systems, five of which are mounted on Mitsubishi Shoguns and one 30m mast which is trailer mounted.

A need for Panoramic photography from the height and location of existing or planned base station antennas was identified as being an extremely useful tool in network planning and optimisation. In the last 14 years we have surveyed over 23,000 sites. All information is kept on our files for 7 years. Quality is of paramount importance to us, not just the quality of the photographs but accuracy of mast position and camera height.

Our camera heads are designed and built in house using wireless technology which allows for speedy deployment.

All of our teams have training and certification to access rooftops and climb masts and towers.

The use of panoramic photography has been proven as an invaluable weapon in the radio planner’s arsenal. It gives an accurate view of near field clutter and line of sight to the horizon from an existing or proposed mobile phone site. The pictures are taken at the exact height of the midpoint of the antenna.

For each site we will take up to three sets of 360° a panoramic photographs from three different heights. Other pictures in the document show the view at 0° a for orientation, site pictures, tower and mast pictures and access pictures. Other information in the document includes cell name, site name, GPS national grid coordinates, address, access details and site details.

ATS has also been involved in proving the effects of near field clutter on site efficiency, site auditing and network optimisation.

A need for Panoramic photography from the height and location of existing or planned base station antennas was identified as being an extremely useful tool in network planning and optimisation. In the last 10 years we have surveyed over 20,000 sites. All information is kept on our files for 7 years. Quality is of paramount importance to us, not just the quality of the photographs but accuracy of mast position and camera height.

Line of Sight Surveys (LOS)

When planning microwave links it is imperative to have a confirmed line of sight between points A and B. We have been performing our LOS survey services for over 10 years and have the expertise to carry out these surveys quickly, efficiently and accurately

For links up to 8km our mast-based systems offer a quick, simple solution without the inherent problems of using a cherry picker or climbing structures

For links over 8km we use the more conventional method of climbing structures and using cherry pickers. We have fully qualified climbing teams and are able to work safely at height on all structures except for electricity pylons.

Using Canon EOS 60D camera bodies and 500mm telescopic lenses our engineers have over 10 years experience in LOS photography proving (or disproving) links up to 30km.

We pay particular attention to minimum height detail and LOS position to help designers in planning dish heights and positions.

It is not possible prove LOS optically for links over 30km. To prove longer links we use the following equipment:

  • SAF SG Compact - Signal Generator device
  • SAF Spectrum Compact (SC) - Signal Analyser device
  • 2x Antennas
  • 2x SMA cable
  • 2x Compass
  • 2x Spirit level tool
  • Waveguide adaptors

Calculate path budget with a professional radio link design and planning tool to determine important values, such as: Azimuth, Elevation, Frequency, polarization and target received signal level. Use SG-Compact’s output power, particular antenna gain and frequency parameters in the calculations.

Roof, Chimney and Structural Surveys

Our photographic roof and chimney survey services are now the preferred method for many property management companies to keep on-going records of their property portfolios. By using our pump up masts our operators work safely from ground level thus minimising health and safety issues.

The purpose of these surveys is to identify what work will be required to roofs, windows, exterior of building (i.e. flashing, mortar, tie-in requirements, parapets etc.).  The surveys are also be used to identify opportunities for energy efficient works (e.g. replacing single glazed windows with double glazing) and update the stock condition for external items such as guttering, roofs, windows etc.).

Car Installations

We have been installing Drive Test equipment for the last 10 years and quickly realised that it is important to have continuity of installation of both equipment and antennas.

A typical Drive Test Installation

Redesigned by ATS

Our in-house facilities allow us to design and prototype new ideas.
For large production runs we outsource to local companies around Swindon.

We have very good working relationships with our local toolmakers, injection moulders and engineering companies.

Following our ethos of standardising installation of drive test equipment we thought it even more important to standardise  antenna installation.

Varying types of antenna, feeder, ground planes etc. will all lead to varying results between drive test units.

We isolate external antennas from any metal objects using nylon mounts.  The antennas are then fitted to a bespoke ground plane plate which gives continuity across all installations.

Carrier Wave Surveys

Whilst prediction models are a very useful tool for radio network planners there is no substitute for ‘real world’ testing.  Carrier Wave testing is usually used to calibrate a prediction modelling tool, increasing the tools accuracy for network design.

CW testing involving pump up mast to test proposed site locations and various antenna heights

TX equipment and Spectrum Analyser monitor

Model tuning comparison trend lines for measured and predicted data.

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