Drive Testing Solutions

For monitoring and optimisation of your wireless network services, our drive test solutions are well installed to ensure accurate testing of all GSM/WCDMA and LTE networks with minimum downtime due to system failures.

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National Drive Projects

Our fleet of 5 Renault Clio’s have been purposefully kitted out by our in-house infrastructure design and implementation team, using proprietary drive test and benchmarking modular design and installation techniques, our equipment is secure, robust, user friendly and transferable.

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Benchmarking Solutions

Real-time customer experience testing using the latest software and our own design of equipment. Can be static testing over time at key venues or mobile testing services using bikes, motorcycles, cars and trains.

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360 Panoramic Surveys

ATS have been performing Panoramic surveys for over 10 years. Our Panoramic services are an invaluable tool for radio planners to make decisions on new site builds and optimise existing sites. Our unique equipment enables us to carry out these surveys quickly, efficiently and accurately.

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ATS 360 Panoramic Surveys

Line of Sight Surveys (LOS)

When planning microwave links it is imperative to have a confirmed line of sight between points A and B. We have been performing our LOS survey services for over 10 years and have the expertise to carry out these surveys quickly, efficiently and accurately.

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Roof, Chimney and Structural Surveys

Our photographic roof and chimney survey services are now the preferred method for many property management companies to keep on-going records of their property portfolios. By using our pump up masts our operators work safely from ground level thus minimising health and safety issues.

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Construction and Development Surveys

A good way to show off a new development is to have ATS take a photographic survey using high level photography services. This is an excellent way of recording before and after overviews to be used in publications, on web sites or for planning purposes.

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Elevated Mast Photography

ATS GROUP are now market leaders in elevated mast photography services, being employed by nationwide major corporations in the building, telecommunications, highway authorities and insurance industries.

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Highways Route Risk Assessments

Using a combination of high level photography, Geotagged images and Google Maps our route risk assessment tool is a powerful way of logging problem junctions/danger zones for both the Highways Agency and bus/transport operators.

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Commercial Property Marketing

We photograph all types of Commercial Property from High Street Stores to giant plantations.

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Domestic Property Marketing

We photograph all types of Domestic Property from Council Houses to Mansions (including Stables and other estate Extensions).

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Solar Panel Aerial Photography

We photograph all types of Domestic Property from Council Houses to Mansions (including Stables and other estate Extensions).

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Sport Venues Mast Photography

We photograph all types of sports venues from Cricket Clubs (including The Oval) to Football grounds and Race Courses.

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Data Presentation

One of the problems with today’s digital technology is logging and filing what can quickly grow to be terabytes of digital photographs and reports. We will customise our reports to suit your requirements as well as provide a free, online data base if your work is on-going throughout the year.

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Bespoke Engineering

ATS are an innovative team and are always thinking of new ideas. We have our own workshop and CNC machine and all of our staff can turn their hand to developing new ideas for the business.

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